Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mary-Ann Orr

Mary-Ann Orr's 'Wreck'. 
This spring here in Eastern Scotland we had the traumatic discovery of thousands of dead puffins along our coastline, indeed I found one myself. These birds had been killed in the unseasonably bad spring squalls and storms mainly because they were starving and did not have the reserves or strength to continue. 
Mary-Ann Orr's work is a homage to their suffering and though difficult viewing was a stunningly beautiful installation and print series.
"The death of thousands of puffins in the North Sea earlier this year is testimony to the fine balance the birds play with nature, and the threats they face from man's activities. Puffins are already at risk due to shortage in their food, such as sandeel that has been heavily over fished in North Scotland. . .
Dwindling fish stocks combined with increased intensity and frequency of storms induced by climate change is making the seabirds struggle for their life ever more challenging. Yet as you walk along the beach and notice a little carcase in the sand are you aware of how intricately you are linked to its fate." Mary-Ann Orr