Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Jon Nicolson

Jon Nicolson's degree show at Gray's School of Art was again rich with texture, I liked his experiments with the canvas the raw materials and the stitch.

“My practice deals with an investigation into the body in relation to the subject of brutality, exploring this connection through Painting. Process is an integral part of my working method; I use the deconstruction of the methodology of Painting to create an unsettling presence. The physicality of my working method is a concept I’m conscious of, the works are often ‘sculpted’ in a manner which leaves traces of the human presence in a very deliberate involvement. Mixing unconventional mediums such as latex with the typical I attempt to treat the materials in a similar manner to physical and visceral components, tying together the physicality of the body and the static and inanimate form of Painting to create a viewing response of curiosity and unease in a visceral manner." Jon Nicolson