Saturday, 25 May 2013

Screen printing

Top Linda Ritchie, Below Jordan Cottrill
For a few weeks now at work, we have been exploring basic printing techniques and they have to be basic as we have such limited materials. But in a way this is good as it means the students can explore the possibilities raised further at home. 
This method of screen printing requires a frame of some sort, in this instance an embroidery hoop, some fine meshed nylon and PVA glue. You can not wash it (it softens the glue) so it is a one use screen but you can make many prints if you are careful. 
We have been screen printing mainly patterns onto calico for upholstery, but today the students choose some silhouettes of musicians. Even while the glue was drying they made great shadows in the sun. 
This made me think of the possibilities of something like this on fabric which could cast shadows on the skin.


  1. Wow! What an innovative way to make a screen print. I love this idea and could easily try it at my home too. And yes, I agree they do make lovely shadows. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Is the pva emulsion the white or the dark area? I'm perplexed by positive/negative in the silhouette. Beautiful work.

    1. In this image the PVA is the dark shadow but when printed it will be the part the ink/paint cannot get through.