Monday, 8 April 2013

Miju Lee

I remember seeing Miju Lee's aubergine some time ago and now I have seen her apples, fish and avocado I am totally smitten. 
Miju Lee is originally from South Korea but is now settled in Barcelona she works in illustration as well as textiles and ceramics.


  1. ... isn't anthropomorphism the only reasonable religion?!

    1. An interesting thought for my Monday morning :-D

      I think it is an easy way to encourage empathy Daniela and I think more and more we lack empathy and understanding for fellow humans, animals or our world.
      You cannot help feel sorry for the poor fish, aubergine or apple here when they are given sad faces in their chopped slices.

  2. Yes, that's true... Also, I feel that more than believing in a superior god... humanity should find in itself and in the surrounding beings/environment the real meaninmg of holy and thruth!

  3. I don't know about anthropomorphism or religion. But I do know that Miju Lee plays with her food. And it's damn cute and clever!