Friday, 5 April 2013

Jon Elsas I

Oh! this has broken my heart . . .  "My whole life has been a mistake . . ." Jon Elsas (1851-1935)

Jon Elsas embarked on his artistic career at the age of 76 having had a lifetime working in finance. Housebound due to severe illness art became the focus of Jon Elsas's undivided attention.
"My Pictures Become Wilder and Wilder: Drawings, Collages, Aphorisms"Jon Elsas 
By his death in 1935 Jon had a portfolio of 25000 images complete with rhyming verse.
John Elsas embarked upon these works for his grandchildren's entertainment, but his works also included humerus and ironic political and social comment. Jon's works survived the second world war by being archived and hidden by his daughter Irma who unfortunately was not so fortunate and died in 1944 in Theresienstadt concentration camp.