Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jimmy Lee Sudduth I

Jimmy Lee Sudduth (1910 - 2007) was a self taught artist and blues musician. Jimmy often mixed his own pigments from mud and earth and painted on unprimed boards with his fingers as "they don't wear out". 
I have chosen his animal paintings, as I especially liked the tree like limbs and singing mouth of Jimmy's dog in the top image would be a great image to give children to inspire them to write a fairy tale or story.

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  1. In his later years Jimmy used house paint as he found the mud paint color faded after time. I use acrylic or oil medium to make my mud paint so it will last as long as regular paint and not fade. The only use for mud paint these days is to ad thick texture to the painting or parts of it. A couple of artist today just use it as a promotion to link them to the past primitive artist like Jimmy. Trouble is their Mud paint doesn`t last as they do not make it with the right mediums just cover it with a sealer that eventually comes off.Thanks for the good article. Richard