Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Papercuts of Hans Christian Andersen II

More magic from the enormous scissors of Hans Christian Andersen. (thanks again to


  1. Hello! I've found your blog not that long ago, but I haven't commented yet. This time I WILL! I love HCAndersen and adore his paprecuts. I have a series of posts about him in my blog, like this one...
    If you are interested, just click on the label Ändersen".
    It's a pleasure to look at the papercuts you posted... There're several I haven't seen before!

    1. Thank you I love this post and its picture of the great scissors.

    2. Andersen was a tall man with big feet and hands... I also wonder how he succeeded to make such tender papercuts with the great scissors!:)

  2. i didn't knew about and never saw these paper cuttings, they are cute on their own but related to the stories and the great story teller they really get a magic quality, thanks, x

  3. they are so beautiful. thank you!