Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bill Traylor

Having Mentioned Bill Traylor in the previous post I thought it best to share some of Bill Traylor's wonderful cats and dogs, I think what makes these works even more enegmatic is the random shapes of the scraps of paper on which Bill drew them.   

Bill Traylor (1854?–1949) was born into slavery on a plantation in Alabama. After emancipation, he continued to live and work on the plantation until sometime before 1928, when he moved permanently to Montgomery. There he worked as a laborer and briefly in a shoe factory until he was physically unable to continue, then began receiving modest government assistance. Under the challenging conditions of Depression-era Alabama, Traylor survived on the streets in the then primarily black enclave of Monroe Avenue (now called Monroe Street). He slept first in the storage room of a funeral parlor, then in a shoe repair shop, and spent his days sitting on the sidewalks, creating the more than 1,200 drawings he is believed to have produced. High Museum of Art