Saturday, 4 February 2012

Merel Boers

I adore blackwork and wire, I suppose that, in essence, means that I love line.
Merel Boers 'Miss blackbirdy's' work is monochromatic, a dance of black lines on white. These pictures are from a project called 'storysewing'.
"My wardrobe is a garden, a garden which grows fuller by the year.
Words' illustrations and yarn.
Together they tell a story.
A story that finds a place.
On a clothes hanger somewhere in this world." Merel Boers. (thanks)


  1. What can I say, but FABULOUS!!! Love, Love, Love!!

  2. Hello Hazel, I’ve nominated you for the Verstile Blogger Award, feel free to visit me and collect!

  3. oh wow.......... these are wonderful!!!

  4. These are amazing! It's so intricate. I can't stop looking at them...