Saturday, 31 December 2011

Clock Watching

It is that time . . .
When all around the world we are watching our clocks for the same time, but different times. So whenever your clock rings in the New Year, with bells, ticks, chines or cuckoo's, I am wishing you love, joy, health and happiness for the coming year. (Illustration)


  1. Dear Hazel, i have always loved it here, you show us so many splendid artisit which i would not know without all your wonderful posts.
    Your own work also always an inspiration, thanks.

    Have a great 2012, xx

  2. Merci Hazel !
    Je vous les souhaite également !
    Que votre créativité et vos choix nous inspirent encore clairement, joyeusement et de façon si colorées.... Vous êtes précieuse !

  3. thank you! i'm wishing you a beautiful new year too!

  4. best wishes and thanks for sharing all this inspiration, you have such a nice and inspiring blog :-)

  5. And we wish you in turn dear Hazel a delightful magical year :)