Friday, 14 October 2011

Jenny Lee Fowler

Continuing in the exploration of leaves as a medium here are a few of Jenny Lee Fowler's leaf portraits. "I'm a traditional freehand silhouette artist, which means that most of the work I do is cut through close observation-no tracing, no Photoshop, no light and shadow. I've always enjoyed the slow way." Jenny Lee Fowler


  1. ha ha. love this. I went to Fulham Place Art Fair in London this weekend but saw not many of these innovative and fun artists who dare to work with other material than paint but saw many talented young ones who have new inspiring imagery world. I like when you bring out some great art to have a peek at. thanks for all inspiration.
    I hope the best for your weekend, see ya in cyber art world.

  2. these are realy geniously made !

  3. Thanks for the post! Happy weekend :)