Monday, 22 August 2011

Francoise Cuxac

Francoise Cuxac is an artist who will use anything in her assemblages, the results are often quite disturbing as you realise you are looking at chicken feet or birds skulls, but they are also quite magical and work within symbolism of birth life and death.
"I am interested in anything that may indicate an experience, the objects of the past are also witnesses of life through those to whom they belonged, they account for happiness or painful scars. These objects are not related to a nostalgia of the past but they allow me to re-live materials destined to disappear . . . The old photographs that I use are mottled in flea markets, they are damaged, covered in dust in the middle of broken objects : faces of people who have lived, who have something to tell: I turn them into dreamers, I bring a new life, they become one with a dreamlike dimension." Francoise Cuxac