Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Beatrice Alemagna

Beatrice Alemagna's beautiful illustration's about a lion visiting Paris. Beatrice has an amazing repertoire of styles and materials that she uses to create her wonderful illustrations.


  1. I could swim in these muted colours. Thanks again for the introduction to a wonderful artist..

  2. une illustratrice de grand talent, ce qu'elle fait me plait beaucoup

  3. bottom image: love that the animals are part of the audience.

    center image: that is such a fabulous map/view of Paris-- half spaghetti and half collage.

    top image: reminds me of something...hmmm...

  4. I love her work! Have you seen the felt illustrations of Bugs in a blanket? Simply adorable.

  5. I love Beatrice Alemagna but the last image is from a friend of mine : Laura Kientzler

    you can check her work here :

    I'm sure she will take this mistake as a compliment !

    (PS: I love your blog and I love reading all these articles to find new inspirations :'D)

    1. I have adjusted the post thank you for letting me know. X