Sunday, 24 April 2011

Paper dresses

I have been asked to make a 1960's style paper dress for a hair dressing photo shoot on Monday, I made a Mondrian style one yesterday like Yves Saint Larent's. I am enjoying it so much I have made another. This time it is an Easter Miffy Dress as I know my friend who requested it likes Miffy, here is my Easter Miffy. Might even make another . . .


  1. great to see your work!! the dresses are cute...and they make me curious about the photoshoot. anyway, you really contribute a lot in the web art world! it is always nice to make a visit...all the best!
    (by the way, where do you work as an art educator?)
    see ya.

  2. Kristina, I work at Adam Smith College in Fife, Scotland :-) Hazel