Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bert Teunissen

Here is a tiny selection of Bert Teunissen's Domestic Landscape series, where Bert has travelled most of Europe and Japan taking portraits of people in their domestic environments. These portraits are fascinating in terms of culture, belongings, interiors, furniture, style as well as being stunningly beautiful. Bert has been working on this project for the past 13 years and as a photographer he says that the work is all about light, for me they are all about people, but Bert is also documenting the demise of culture and tradition.

"I found that when local traditions disappear, most of their visible aspects are also lost. When a small farmer stops slaughtering, the open fireplace becomes redundant. Sausages and hams will be dried artificially and smoked in a factory losing their original flavour and appearance. And when a small farmer stops farming, the stables are converted into storage or living spaces, the stable doors are replaced by windows, the cement floor by parquet, the hayloft is altered into bedrooms, the kitchen moved to the former parlour, and slowly all rooms and spaces will have lost their original meaning and significance."

Travel the world by house hoping through the fantastic portfolio of Bert Teunissen.