Tuesday, 22 March 2011

ARoS (Boy by Ron Mueck)

As part of my trip to Denmark I got the opportunity to see Boy by Ron Mueck at the wonderful gallery ARoS in Aarhus. I loved watching my friends from the Leonardo project interacting with this vast sculpture. You can see some lovely images of the sculpture being constructed here.


  1. My goodness... it looks amazing! I remember seeing 'Dad' (is that what it was called??)by Ron Mueck in the Saatchi gallery years ago and being utterly transfixed by the realism, the detail, the eyes staring down at me. I would LOVE to see this!

  2. I saw the show in Edinburgh of Mueck's about 3 years ago. It was a large retrospective with about 12 pieces and it was absolutely amazing. The attention to detail and the realistic colours are what struck me. Also the eyes.. It made me feel like a Borrower . This looks FANTASTIC!