Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ursel Arndt

". . . In Germany we have a problem . . .schools no longer teach in old handicraft techniques . . . "you can learn it from your grandmother" they say. But she no longer lives with the children in our modern society . . ."

Ursel Arndt took three years collecting all the flowers for this quilt, some of the flowers were made especially for it, some are over a hundred years old.


  1. This is just too fabulously wonderful an idea for words! Great find Hazel. I think of you often. Craft projects with the kids are finally on the go here now we have the reading and writing set up! Paper maché - here I come :)))

  2. This is fantastic. This is one of those beautiful things that you just gaze and gaze at with awe.

  3. This sea of flowers is a good cure against grey days. She is german and I don't even know her. Thanks for your introduction! Her other work is intriguing as well!

  4. Oh wonderful colour!
    They remind me of some of Klimt's beautiful paintings without the gold.