Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ursula, Flounder, Ariel and my WWP Students

Above: Ursula on Kirkcaldy Promenade
Above: Ursula
Above: Nearly everyone.
Above: Stacey-Leigh

Above: A proud Morgan and Hayley-Ann
I have been looking forward to today since after the Christmas holiday and it lived up to my expectations. I am not teaching this wonderful group of students as of next week. I let them know that we only had a few weeks left and introduced the idea of a paper mache graffiti project. Having told them the previous years themes this group decided on 'The Little Mermaid' as their theme and then worked really hard so today we got to go out with Ursula, Flounder and Ariel.

The best part of the day?

Reversing up to a nursery gates and seeing the little children running to the railings screaming with delight, . . . and very, very happy students.

Thank you WWP you have been great fun to work with x (More Pictures)


  1. Aww Hazel Is Fab She Is So Lovely And Its A Shame We Dont Have Her As Of Next Week:(x

    Thanks Hazel xxx

  2. Hazel Your Fab:))X
    We Couldnt Have Done It Without Your Help:Dx
    Even Though Your Leaving Us For Some Other Class We Will All Still Miss You :Dx

    Thanks Hazel<3xx

  3. le plaisir que vous avez tous eu est bien présent ... c'est contagieux..

  4. oh Hazel - she's stunning - it would have looked so impressive down at the harbour - can't she just stay there permanently???!!!! xx

  5. Sorry she likes my warm art room and constant admirers . . . but I do need to find a home for her . . . any ideas welcome

  6. just keep her were she.. she doesnt want to move homes hazel! she will be very upset to leave me,x