Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Yamamoto Motoi

Above: Fountain of Remembrance (after rain) outside installation with cast boat forms.
Above and below examples of Yamamoto's Labyrinth series of installations
Yamamoto Motoi creates salt gardens, intricate capillaries, spreading across floors like a mysterious language. Salt holds a strange place in world cultures, vital for our survival and part of our mythologys of love, life and death.
Often Yamamoto Motoi creates these magical intricacies and then invites the audience to gather the salt and return it to the sea.


  1. One of the best art works I saw lately. Phantastic!

  2. je suis à chaque fois impressionnée de la grandeur de ces oeuvres, de leur beauté ....
    et de la délicatesse à l'oeuvre. J'aime beaucoup

  3. Thank you for sharing this work...just so inspiring and beautiful....I love the symbolic use of salt.