Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Fish Folds by Sipho Mabona

Found these wonderful Origami Koi at http://www.whipup.net/ they are designed by Sipho Mabona who creates amazing origami. Sipho's web page is here; http://www.mabonaorigami.com/ with links to his blog. His flickr is here and is well worth a visit http://www.flickr.com/people/sipmab/


  1. I grew up with origami. I remember those little packs of paper squares that came with the book. I think it was great for our concentration skills as children and taught us to take on a challenge. I don't remember anything quite as sophisticated as these amazing fish though.

  2. Adele
    You must be incredibly patient, I always got too frustrated by origami I think thats why I admire it so much.
    Whipup has a link to a stop motion pro guide, on how to make these koi,that is supposed to be beautiful in itself. x