Tuesday 11 June 2024

Grace Pitman Ross


This sculptural installation is Grace Pitman Ross's degree show at Dundee called "After all, we’re only human...".  It is a project created in response to the global attitude towards our planet’s climate crisis.

"Relying on the recyclable and biodegradable materials of cardboard, paper, teabags and wood, the artwork sculpts a frozen moment where an unassuming living room meets the present Polar crisis of the planets melting ice caps. A television projects a silent looping faux broadcast, of anchors presenting the news, before the former anchor gives into desperation and addresses the public in a plea to act in the interest of preventing global warming, before returning to the regularly scheduled news segment. The broadsheet newspaper is a fictional global publication giving updates to current events, the edition in print on display, discusses global warming and the consequences we face already. The audio playing offers a contrasting tranquillity, layering non-human sounds of Earth in a repeating constellation of sound.

The room is lit with five small lanterns and one lampshade, made like traditional paper lanterns but with the paper being exclusively used teabags from the last few months. The remaining elements rely on glue and cardboard, the cardboard was collected from local businesses as well as collected delivery packaging from myself and other DJCAD students. The work calls attention to humanities entanglement with the very nature I feel we try to separate ourselves from. No matter how boxed-in and distracting our existences may become, we inevitably have an impact on our environments. Life if interconnected and in the words of Pascal Chabot, “To exist is to be connected.” Grace Pitman Ross 

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