Saturday 25 May 2024

Angel Dominguez


Voluptuously rich illustrations in content, scale and rendition by Spanish illustrator Angel Dominguez (1953-2021) for a limited boxed edition of only 200 Published in Great Britain in 2016 by Books Illustrated Ltd.

"Sometimes some sketches on pencil are better than the finished work; the pencil is the soul on each drawing, that's why I leave some traces of it"

Angel was greatly inspired by Arthur  Rackham and in 2009 he said "As yet I haven’t illustrated The Wind in the Willows… I only drew a pair of watercolors… and already they have been sold in England. They have yet to see the light in the form of a book… who knows, may be that will be my last book to illustrate, as Rackham himself did.".

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