Saturday, 18 June 2022


Yesterday it was my birthday, I am in my mid fifties, I don't know how that happened, there seems to be no chronology to ageing, suddenly you reach a number beyond your wildest dreams or dreads. Everyone needs you at this age, you are stretched to that point, (hopefully) just before breaking. So on a day of a little celebration, I thought the best way for me to approach the day would be an art project. It was the best way, for my head, for peace of mind and for celebration. 

I chose 'Birthday Cake' as my theme and following on from last weekends street collage workshop with Nuart Aberdeen Festival, I spent the day nipping out into my small town and photographing tiny bits of it with even tinier bits of paper. I hope you like them, they do weirdly show exactly how I was feeling. 

Above: We are but petals and confetti caught in a cobweb.   

This art form makes you look in the crevices and the lost spots and savour the texture and flotsam and jetsam, where a fag butt or a cobweb become integral to the piece of art.  


  1. Happy birthday Hazel (a bit belated !) Your birthday cake collages are so inspired and fun, I love the fifties vibe

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to you! Sending LOVE for a beautiful year ahead

  3. Wishing you the best birthday a day late and your coming year will be FAB!

  4. Happy Birthday! As an almost 65, it took me a moment to remember when everyone needed me :). Your collages are hilarious and perfect. Thanks for all the art, hope your year is terrific.