Monday, 27 June 2022

Hazel Terry: Demonstrate!


There are so many things being eroded by our current cohort of politicians, that took generations to fight for. Horrific inconceivable things; such as the removal of human rights and the right to demonstrate are being pushed through by the government in England. 

This at a time, when so often people of my age are being asked why we didn't act earlier to protest or demonstrate on so many issues that are threatening our lives and basic rights. It doesn't seem to wash when you say you have been demonstrating for these things all your life.

So this weeks street collage focused on demonstrations and using historic photographs  to highlight current issues by replacing the placards with modern ones.

I went out on Friday morning feeling quite positive the government had lost two by-elections, things looked a tiny bit better. 

Here in the UK our media is biased to state side, European news has been virtually none existent in this country, which is I believe why some people voted brexit, they had no understanding of Europe, its peoples and what the EU did. 

Anyway by Friday evening, the news from America was of course the overturning of Wade and Roe by Trump's heavily weighed Republican supreme court, this made the work that I am currently creating resonate even more. 
That and the crazy news that from tomorrow 28th of June we in the UK can be arrested for even an individual protest and fined 2.5 thousand pounds. 
So images, like the one of a woman going out in the streets of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia with a piece of blank paper and being arrested in seconds could well happen here very soon. 

Who knows what madness this week will bring but I wish health happiness and creativity to you all.

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