Sunday, 22 May 2022

Cathy Orton IV

Cathy Orton has her first solo exhibition currently showing at mote102 Ferry Road, Edinburgh until May 28th. 
Mote102 is a new and beautiful space in an old corner shop, full of traces of its past lives and the beauty of its new incarnation. 

Cathy is my friend, a mentor, an adopted mum and total inspiration. Born in Glasgow in 1953 she studied painting at Duncan and Jordanstone Art College, Dundee. After the birth of three daughters, all of whom are practicing artists, Cathy trained in Art Therapy. Since 2000 she has lived and created in Edinburgh, supporting and collaborating with her daughters projects and caring for grandchildren, in the last few years her creativity has become turbo charged like a tornado pouring out after years of work and parenting.

Cathy Orton is a force of nature, an impulsive creative passionate about family and an incredible empathetic powerful woman. For most of her career she worked as an art therapist channeling her creativity through her clients. Now at last it is her time and she is a dynamo of ideas, techniques and styles. She works on what ever is to hand, board, canvas or cardboard, walls or windows. 

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