Sunday, 14 November 2021

Shona Reppe

I love the endless fun creativity of Shona Reppe if  you ever get chance to see any of her theatre productions do not miss it! 

For COP26 Shona and Andy Manley in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland set up 'Millipede',  a project designed to invite communities in Scotland and India to respond to carbon footprints in foot related ways. Their responses were framed in an anti consumerist fantasy shoe shop. 

The creatives were 'Think Arts India'  plus 100 members of the general public (of all walks of life) in Scotland and India 

 'Millipede',  The shoe shop that doesn’t cost the Earth (and where nothing is for sale) is open for one year.

It is a gentle thought provoking gallery of art submissions framed in a website and disguised as a shoe shop which displays peoples thoughts and worries about carbon footprints and climate change in a gentle interactive way.

 Millipede was a labour of love for the Planet Earth. 

Please visit, look around, and PLEASE SHARE. It’s free, fun and  IMPORTANT. 

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