Sunday, 11 July 2021

Lotte Brauning

Il Viaggio di Adele, published by Topipittori in 2010. With a text by the French author Perrine Ledan.

Little Adele is a happy squirrel, convinced that she living the best possible life, in the best possible world, but one bad day... she is cast adrift in a flood, she lands on Renato's island and discovers, to her surprise, that the horizon is broader than she thought it was and learns many life lessons from its inhabitants. Lili, a hyperactive young reindeer, thinks that to be happy, you have to do twenty things at once: Sam, the badger, will teach her the pleasures of contemplation and slowness. This book has four stories, full of humor, that teach the language of fables to the children of today.⁠ 'Il Viaggio di Adele', was published by Topipittori in 2010, written by Perrine Ledan and illustrated with delicate sensitive pencil work by Lotte Bräuning

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