Sunday, 13 June 2021

eccplayandrecord IV

I love to make automata and nonsense, moving art. This interest started many years ago adding moving features to paper mache sculptures with my students. Extruding tape from cassettes sparked an idea of making little moving collages and so I started sacrificing my long-loved tape collection, which has languished in the attic redundant but holding sentimental value that prevented them from going to recycling.

This is an extremely fiddly process involving the printing and cutting of ridiculously tiny figures.


The movement back and forth is not really dancing so I woke in the middle of the night with Freddie Mercury hoovering across my thoughts and that led to this.

Ghost Town by The Specials seemed right for this project and for the times we are living through. However, I really want those skeletons to have more movement so I think I will be revisiting this one.



  1. looks soo aesthetically pleasing, plus I love how the cassette played literally via audio and visuals!