Friday, 7 May 2021

Gérard Ifert



In the 1950’s in Paris, geometrical and colourful,  shopfronts drew the attention of a young Swiss designer called Gérard Ifer (1928-2020). During his walks in the city, he captured these colourful compositions, and they have been published in 'Paris Colours: Gerard Ifert Ektachromes 1953-1954'.     

Gérard Ifert trained in graphic design and had a wonderful eye for images and you can find more here
"Perpetual development resides in nature, humanity instills its energy there, animated by the life project: to improve the current situation. Each individual thus becomes a bearer of hope for the future.” Gérard Ifert


  1. My mother, the artist Ellen Marx, designed a chess game with gerard Ifert.
    What a beautiful work !