Thursday, 15 April 2021

Elinor Weise

“Ping and Pong on Cuckoo's Balcony” written by Franz Zauleck and illustrated by Elinor Weise, published by Jacoby Stuart in 2019. One morning, when Mr. Cuckoo was buying the newspaper, as he did every day, the newspaper seller pointed to a small man with a stiff hat and umbrella who otherwise looked very much like a penguin. He calls himself Mr. Ping. The newspaper seller explains to Mr. Kuckuck that she will fly to Tenerife the next day and can no longer take care of the little guy. Couldn't Mr. Kuckuck take him in? Mr. Cuckoo is a good person, so he takes Mr. Ping into his tiny apartment. Unfortunately, Mr. Ping does not always know how to behave, and moreover, he mostly resides in Mr. Cuckoo's refrigerator, although because the freezer is broken there he sometimes cools down in the toilet cistern. 

A tender book about a unique friendship beautifully illustrated by Elinor Weise.

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