Saturday, 13 October 2018

Peter Fellin II

Peter Fellin's illustrations for 'Noah's Sharks Ark from 1961. This story from over 50 years ago is a modern parable that should urgently be republished! In this story Noah is a mean old man who builds an ark to survive a snowstorm, filling the ark with objects and nothing that lived or breathed. A is for air conditioning, B is for bathtub, C is for my new car, D is for dishwasher... a warning to us all for our obsession with consumerism and capitalism?

As the ark starts to sink he has to throw his possessions overboard, the animals rescue him. The alphabet they live by: A is for amiability, B is for benevolence, or beauty, or bravery, C is for courtesy, D is for discretion...

Look at the state of the seabed when the ark sinks, I think we are all on that mean Noah's ark now and need to rethink our values.

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