Wednesday, 25 April 2018


I have been home for my grandmother Kathleen's funeral. She had a full and long life, living from 1920-2018. Here she is in approximately 1942 with my grandfather Cyril (1913-1984).
This has been a full month and I find myself musing on both the passage of time and what it is to know someone, when often even knowing oneself is difficult. I cannot say I 'knew' my grandmother. I knew my side of her, but that was a minute portion of who she was.
Life steals us away from loves, relatives, children, friends as well as jobs, roles, duties, hobbies, and passions, each element is a part of the enigmatic puzzle of who we are. At the end of a long life, so much is lost, especially when we lose who we were because our decline erases our most treasured memories.