Saturday, 4 November 2017

Don Nace

A fantastic rendering of that wrenching feeling of loss, this is 'Just passing through', by Don Nace.
"I set out to see how much of human nature I could visualize with my artist's vocabulary. I did attempt over the years to think of a storyline that had the classic structures, but that was, quite simply, beyond me. So I just drew as much as I could cram into my work-a-day, raise-a-family world, like some gorilla artist sneaking out at night to create something before scurrying back into hiding. Intuitive as the drawings began, I had planted in my head that I should try to bring it home, make it about something specific and gradually over the years it just happened on its own.                                                All those dramas of life just emerged into little drawings." Don Nace 


  1. an interesting mix of style!

  2. interesting. i signed up to his daily email to get a better look.

  3. Fabulous. Shows how great things can come from small efforts.