Saturday, 12 August 2017

Deb Laurence I

Deb Lawrence's works traverse craft and fine art mixing them together to create work that binds many themes and ideas together. She uses mixed media on antique linen creating abstract 'quilt canvases'.

"My handling of materials is intimate and engaging as I fold, crease and paint, creating structural dimensionality and imbuing my work with a veritable soul. Collectively termed Self-Help, my titles serve as wry provocations to cope with contemporary life and get comfortable in our own skin.                                                                                                 The antique linen I use is integral both to the conceptual basis and visual aesthetics of my work. Hand woven by women in the 1800’s, it was originally used as bed sheets and duvet covers, security blankets in their own right. The coarse threads, hand stitched seams, and occasional repairs highlight the vestiges of the female hand and engender a sense of strength, authenticity and beauty in that which is genuine and imperfect."       Deb Laurence

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