Saturday, 16 May 2015

Getting animated

It is coming to the end of the academic year and I am going to be sad to say goodbye to everyone as they go off and continue their studies elsewhere.
As a goodbye project it was decided that we would make an animation. We thought that sea creatures would be most appropriate as we have had a marine themed painting project, here are some of the results.
Now for many hours of editing to put it all together and add the terrible noise/singing we produced as the sound track.

Images from the top: Leslieann Tibbert, Natasha Younes, Colin Cameron, Lee Hutton, Tiffani Ferrier, Leslieann Tibbert, Andy Crichton, and animating Leslieann Tibbert and Ayesha Montador.


  1. I know everyone who follows hazels blogg wont have the chance to be taught by her shes an amazing artist and always tries her hardest to bring the most out of everyone . Shes such fun we re all lucky to have been taught by her .x