Sunday, 27 October 2013

Oak Leaf Ghosts

The silhouette of my oak leaves struck me last week as being very ghost like. That sounds strange 'my oak leaves', but as I planted the acorns that are now producing these leaves I do feel very maternal.
I pressed them and painted them and here they are OoooOoooOooooooooooooooing to you.
The Oak leaf ghosts and I wish you a very Happy Halloween.


  1. Just the perfect thing for a beautiful Sunday morning, I love their arms the best. Happy Halloween Witch Hazel.

  2. Happy Halloween to you to, Hazel, and thank you for sharing your brilliant ghost oak leaves! I love them and only wish I had oak trees in my area so we could make some. I'll have to look at some of the other leaves with a new eye and see if they will work. I'll be sharing this soon on The Crafty Crow :)

  3. What a wonderful nature craft for Hallowe'en. I'm adding it to my repertoire for kid parties and forwarding to to my Nature Center buddies. Thanks!