Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Eva Volfová I

I am extremely lucky to have some wonderful students and it is a great honour to be able to meet, have fun and be part of their creative lives. Lucie Mouchova was one of my students this year and when she travelled home in one of the holidays I jokingly requested a children's book. A couple of weeks ago I got two beautiful books from the Czech Republic. 

This book is by Eva Volfová and it's pictures are made from scraps of fabric and thread.
Musing this morning on why this book and its illustrations are so poetic I concluded it was its humanity and vulnerability. 
Our lives are constructed from scraps of fabric and thread our precious memories are often scraps of paper and pieces of fabric and it is these tiny fragments that hold memories of our lives and loves.


  1. glad you liked those books ;)....wonderful teachers make wonderful students..

  2. What an amazing book to be given. How precious to receive it from a student. Yeah, that must be a wonderful part about teaching, watching your students learn and grow.

  3. Yes! I like her embroidered illustrations.