Friday 17 August 2012

Tammy Smith


Tammy Smith grew up near an old abandoned amusement park, in its state of disrepair it has had a  great impact on Tammy's visual language. 
After working for many years as a professional illustrator at Hallmark, Tammy Smith now creates ever more intricate and wonderful circus shows as sculptures and wall pieces into which she incorporates lighting fixtures or includes kinetic elements. (interview)


  1. Have you ever come across footage of the magnificent circus performances given by the sculptor Alexander Calder, with ingenious puppets made by him from wire? Our friend Clarissa Lewis (nee Piper) attended performances as a child... Calder was close friend of her parents... and she recalls that her 'Uncle Sandy' was quite the showman. I think he would have loved these works by Tammy Smith.

    1. Thank you Clive for this link, I absolutly love Alexander Calder's works.

    2. I love Calder's appearance in the film. He looks kind of saggy and shapeless, with a peasant farmer's sausage fingers. But his eyes twinkle Puckishly, and his bear-paw hands are incredibly deft, eliciting the most delicate performances from his cast and menagerie. He positively shines.

      Love your site by the way, and I'm going to rather cheekily pop a link underneath this comment, for your interest.