Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pepe Shimada

These works made me smile, they are the creations of Pepe Shimada a Taiwanese  illustrator who's main subject is cats but sometimes other animals feature to. (Thank you) Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. Dear Hazel, my dear cat Fifetta (a black and white female 14 years old) has gone forever yesterday night. It's sooooooooooo sad, so silly and so unexplicable alltogether. But one thing is for sure: our adventure on earth wouldn't be so meaningful without animals, not at all.

    1. I am sorry Daniela
      My own cat is getting very, very frail she is 15, and yes the fun and love they bring us is one of lifes great pleasures.

  2. I am a first time visitor to your lovely space. I enjoyed my visit very much, and will return again. Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful work.

  3. wonderful! I wish you a nice week!

  4. Oh the polar bear made my heart almost stop.. beautiful!