Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Nathalie Miebach

My mind is still dwelling on last weeks master class, so this work by Nathalie Miebach struck a cord, not only because of the workshops but also because it resembles a recent discovery of mine, stick maps and charts.

Nathalie weaves weather and all of the sculptures above relate to specific weather data.

'I translate scientific data related to astronomy, ecology and meteorology into woven structures, My method of translation is principally that of weaving- in particular basket weaving- as it provides me with a simple yet highly effective grid through which to interpret three-dimensional data in a three-dimensional space.'


  1. for more intelligent articulation from me: love it love it!!

  2. Es como una pintura en el aire!! genial!

  3. I love her work! Love the mix of science with art! x

  4. These look fascinating. They remind of the work of Sarah Sze only more colorful and whimsical.