Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Favourite Plate

We lost a plate this weekend, it's been cracked for a while, but it gave up holding together and broke.
Now I love beech combing and I adore sea ceramics, I have gathered bags of them . . . one day soon I will do something good with them. At our old home I used to beach comb the sea of ploughed fields, for once it had rained, all the midden crocks would rise to the surface of the chocolate sea of ploughed soil, ready to be harvested.

A fitting way to dispose of a favourite plate then? take it to the sea, and throw it in deep at low tide, so that the sea can soften it, then hopefully one day in the future you or I might find a piece.


  1. what a great idea! Now i know what to do with all my ceramic deaths - you know when my pots just don't quite make the cut - i will break up my seconds and ditribute around the coast!

  2. I always save my plate fragments (especially if they have colourful patterns) for a mosaic — to which I also add tiles, marbles, mirror bits... just another form of collage!!

  3. I love the idea of someone coming along and just finding them in about 10 years time!!! Fab! Love the bunting Hazel - looks amazing!

  4. what a wondrous idea:) thank you for sharing... i usually put my broken bits in the recycler, but this is a better idea:)