Friday, 17 December 2010

Riitta Ikonen,

Riitta Ikonen is a Finish artist currently living in London. Riitta creates costumes, these then become instances of performance art, environmental art and photography projects.

"My work is concerned with the performance of images through photography and costume design . . . in my costumes tremendous things happen- to me and to the people I work with"

Riitta's work is concerned with ecology, climate and the bigger picture of planet health. All of the images I have included are from a project called 'Snowflake'. For a wonderful interview with this artist go here.


  1. You always find the most amazing things Hazel! These made me laugh

  2. J'approuve Deborah et quel plaisir de vous connaître un peu Hazel via vos précieux billets.
    whaouh ! j'adore...