Friday 30 January 2009

The Roundabout Project

The magic roundabout visited a real roundabout spring 2008. As ever it was exhilarating and frightening, as distracted motorists sometimes looked away from the road for a little too long. Ermintrude (cow) is now visiting a local doctors surgery as decoration.

This was the second roundabout project completed by my students.
It is a great gorilla art project that has become an annual event.

The students were fantastic, patiently working on these figures for months.
The original roundabout project was 'Roundabout Dogs', inspired by a family wedding where dogs had to be created and photographed on roundabouts on route to the celebration.
This year several groups of students are working on roundabout projects, one is giant litter and another is giant seagulls.


  1. I have very slowly -- with great enjoyment -- worked through every single one of your posts. Thanks for all the inspiration during the pandemic. I realize that you have other blogs and social media sites, so I could continue dwelling in your artistic world for many years to come.

    1. Wow, you got all the way to the magic roundabout. Thank you. The blog has been made with lots of love meandering through the years. I'm glad it has helped you through the pandemic and hope it inspires you for years to come. The furniture and fashion were set up when I taught these subjects I am less attentive of them lately, but still return to them sometimes if I find something good.