Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Benji Davies


The last 5/6 years have been in massive flux for me, due to my giving up a full time position as a lecturer of Art and Design to take an MA in Children's illustration. A rash move that has meant a huge loss of income, and many reincarnations through jobs and self-employment, trying to keep my head above water and be creative, the endless juggling of family, earning enough and producing work. 

The last few months due to covid, have been even more extreme, and I now find some of my time is spent gainfully employed by a bookshop. I am in love with the job, what a joy it is, and a privilege to be handling wonderful new books. 

This book 'The PuffinKeeper' by Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Benji Davies, is one of the new beauties to arrive in time for Christmas. It is a charming story brought to life by the wonderful fluid illustrations of Benji Davies that have a timeless style akin to the illustrations of Edward Ardizzone's Tim books.


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