Saturday, 11 July 2020

Wild Swimmers, Swim Wild

My zines are almost a feature of everyday life now, a diary of feelings and thoughts, quotes, and poems. However, they are also, alas a terrible procrastination and I should be busy with other work, so I need to leave them again and focus. 

This is my latest zine, one where my thoughts turned to friends who swim wild. I will be making prints and zines from this original which was made using gesso and watercolour. 


  1. Hazel - is this your 7th zine? I think you do these so very very well I really do. The London Centre for Book Arts are looking for artists to send them zines -
    Maybe you might do limited editions of these? thats if you are interested......

    1. Hello Aine. It's my 27th zine! Thank you for this information, I will look into The London Centre for Book Arts. Thank you Hazel X