Saturday, 13 June 2020

Julie Liger-Balair II

A story in 8 parts (or Strike a Light) by Julie Liger-Balair 
1. Maddie didn’t like her neighbors, they never said hello. So she decided to strike out on her own to find another place to live.
2. Although familiar, She felt overdressed.
3. Here she got too many mixed messages.
4. And she wasn’t up on her Russian fairytales either.
5. Wrong dimension.
6. Conversations were a little difficult...
7. She wandered through the emptiness until she spied a light glimmering in the distance.
8. Her neighbors had left their porch lights on to guide her back. “To be fair”, she admitted to herself, “I never really did try to strike up a conversation before.”
No moral is to be found here. Any similarity to known individuals is purely coincidental.

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