Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Ugnė Rudinskaitė I

This is a wonderful artists book created by Ugnė Rudinskaitė to preserve national heritage of Lithuania through folk lore and sayings, this is a beautifully composed hand printed monochrome book with amazing imagery and typography.
" 'Come While Welcomed, Leave While Loved' is an interconnection of very expressive and powerful Lithuanian folk proverbs and minimalistic, abstract motives and indirect, lyrical illustrations in black and white. They surround one another, becoming a solid image, inviting for a more discerning look and deeper analysis, for a moment of pause.

The purpose of this book is to preserve a national heritage (which had been transferred from generation to generation), so that it would not be pushed into oblivion as obsolete and outdated, due to the evolving modernity and changing culture of everyday life."

Taking advantage of the original presentation of such content, the aim is to attract not only representatives of cultural activities, but also the wider circle of the public, to encourage both young and elder people to revive the historical cultural heritage and to make it an integral part of everyday life. 
Ugnė Rudinskaitė

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