Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Alice Provensen

Alice Provensen (1918-2018) has died aged 99, her husband Martin (1916-1987) died age 70 in 1987 of heart failure.

This talented couple collaborated to create over forty books and Alice continued to create independently after Martins death. Their careers both started in animation studios, Martin worked at Disney, and Alice at Walter Lantz Studio. at the end of the war their collaboration formed a legendary team creating children's books.

“We have been working together for so long that it has ceased to be a question of who does what. . . . We pass [an illustration] back and forth between us until we are both satisfied. It is a happy collaboration.” Alice and Martin Provensen

They won the coveted Caldicot Medal for: 'The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Blériot,' in 1984, images below.

Independently Alice went on to publish: 'The Buck Stops Here' (1990), 'Punch in New York' (1991), 'My Fellow Americans' (1995), 'Day in the Life of Murphy' (2003), and finally 'Klondike Gold' (2005). What a long and gloriously creative life.

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