Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Aleksander Lindeberg

Aleksander Lindeberg (1917-2015), 'ILOISET AAPISKUVAT' published 1965, is a beautiful journey through the alphabet with soft, textured illustrations very similar to some of Alice and Martin Provensen's works. Aleksander Lindeberg was the son of Magnus Lindeberg, a doctor. The family fled the Russian revolution and sought to settle in Finland but Aleksander's father's qualifications were not accepted in Finland, so the family relocated again this time to Germany and then Estonia before finally being allowed to settle in Finland when his fathers qualifications were accepted and he could practice medicine. Aleksander studied art in Helsinki and Tallin and worked as a graphic designer in magazines. After the war, when standards of living rose, he worked as a commercial artist creating advertisements for cosmetics and clothing. In the 1960's he published his first children's book and was awarded the Rudolf Koivu Award in 1964.

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