Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Franciszka Themerson

Franciszka Themerson's  (1907-1988) illustrations of Alice In Wonderland are a delight. the anarchic mix of line drawing and detailed etching is perfect to transport you into the realms of wonderland.

Franciszka was born to the artistic parentage of painter Jakub Weinles, and a pianist, Łucja Weinles. At first she pursued music in her studies before changing to painting at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. In 1931 she graduated and married Stefan Themerson (1910-1988) who had studied physics and architecture whilst making collages, film and photographs. Thus began a creative collaboration that would last their life times. In the first four years of married life they lived in Warsaw and created ten picture books together whilst also working on their own projects. Then they moved to Paris finding a creative community in this wonderful city. War came and they both enlisted for years they were apart their lives up in the air but eventually they were reunited in Britain. here they were able to work together and apart on film's books,and operas. They must have been very in love and died just three months apart in 1988. 


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